Green Ninja Costume

Green Ninja CostumeIs there is any outfit more popular this Halloween than the this awesome green ninja costume?

To be perfectly honest with you, I am not sure that there is. Currently, just about every retailer is struggling to keep the green Ninjago Lloyd costume in stock.

Of course, this really should come as no surprise since most little boys want to be the best and, Lloyd, is destined to be the best.

Lloyd did not start out as a good guy. As the son of the evil Lord Garmadon, he really tried his best to be bad. Lloyd even went as far as releasing the Serpentine from their underground jails; which lead to the eventual release of the Great Devourer.

This costume is pretty awesome.

It comes complete with green colored pants, shirt, and ninja hood that is sure to impress even the pickiest kid this season. It also includes a cool green vest that is artfully accented with a black belt and ninja sash.

Just make sure you grab an awesome ninja sword to complete your green Ninjago costume!

Ninjago Halloween Costumes

Ninjago Halloween Costumes

Ninjago Kai

Perhaps the best place to start is with Kai; the red ninja.

Kai is one of those characters that you instantly like. He is fast, strong, and fearless. Plus he carries around a flaming sword which certainly does not hurt.

This Ninjago Kai costume comes complete with red pants, shirt, and matching ninja hood. It also features a radical red vest that fits snugly over the shirt and is accented with a bold black belt and sash.

Unless you already own some, you will want to add a cool pair of black ninja shoes and black gloves to complete this awesome Ninjago Halloween costume.

Ninjago Jay

This blue ninja costume is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites.

Despite the fact that Jay is a fierce warrior, he is also extremely shy; a completely likeable fellow by anyone’s standards. In season one of Ninjago, we even learn a bit about his crush on Kai’s sister, Nya. Too bad those pesky Serpentine keep getting in the way.

This blue ninja costume comes complete with a blue hood, pants, and shirt. Similar to the Ninjago Kai costume above, this outfit also features a blue vest that fits securely across yours kid’s chest.

Ninjago Cole

When I first started watching Ninjago with my son I was not a big fan of Cole. He was so sure that he was going to be the Green Ninja. I guess his confidence was a bit much for me.

Once he achieved his true potential, however, I was almost certain he was going to be the Green Ninja. His is strong and powerful yet extremely graceful (he is, after all, a dancer).

This Ninjago Cole costume is super awesome. Wearing this ninja outfit while trick-or-treating is something your child is going to absolutely love.

I can almost guarantee he will try to turn invisible and sneak his way around the block.

White Ninja

Last, but certainly not least, we come to the sleek Ninjago Zane costume.

If you have ever watching the TV show then you already know that Zane is somewhat different. His abilities are, quite frankly, almost other-worldly. For example, while other ninjas might meditate to seek clarity, Zane does so at the bottom of the ocean. So cool.

This Ninjago Zane costume is very similar to the three ninja costumes described above. With that being said, a pair of black ninja boots would probably look best with this white ninja costume.

Regardless of which of these Ninjago Halloween costumes you ultimately decide to buy, your son will have a blast pretending to defend Ninjago City from the clutches of the evil Lord Garmadon.

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